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Game Reschedule Policy

Home Game Reschedule Requests

The United Futbol Academy has a large number teams participating in a wide variety of local and state-level programs. As such, UFA has established a set of game rescheduling procedures which is designed to accommodate the needs of all programs in which our members participate and also meet state regulations.

PLEASE NOTE: The official UFA Game Reschedule Request form or game cancellation MUST BE RECEIVED BY 4 PM NO LESS THAN 6 BUSINESS DAYSprior to the originally scheduled date. Game Reschedule or Cancellation Requests made after that time may be subject to a fine equal to the cost of referees plus booking fee.

Georgia Soccer Youth Rules and Regulations, 720.5:  Teams that do not show for scheduled games (i.e., failure to notify the opposing team within seven days of the scheduled match) will be charged with a forfeit at the discretion of the playing division committee. Should the game be rescheduled, at the discretion of the playing division committee, the cost of the referees for the reschedule shall be borne by the team that was responsible for the match not being played. The referee fees must be paid to the home association prior to the game being rescheduled.

Requests for changing a home game will only be handled by email.  Phone messages will not be answered.  Please complete the two steps below to reschedule a home game.

STEP 1:  

Contact your opponent (away team) to identify alternate game day possibilities.  Email your request to lisa@unitedfa.org.  The following information must be provided about the original game:

Original Game Information

Game #:



Home Team:

Visiting Team:

Park & Field #:

The following information must be provided about the time to which you want the game moved:

Reschedule Game Request Information

Date & Time Request #1:

Date & Time Request #2:

Date & Time Request #3:

Location Preference(s):  (e.g. "1-Fowler, 2-South)

STEP 2: 

Once you receive your email response with all available options, please contact the opposing team and reach a mutual decision on the date and time for the rescheduled game.  At that time, please complete a UFA Game Reschedule Request form and send to lisa@unitedfa.org.  Once the UFA Game Reschedule Request is received, the schedules will be updated and referees will be arranged.  A confirmation email will then be sent to the person requesting the change (Team Manager or Coach) with all of the rescheduled game information.  Further steps are required if you’re a Select team, or a Recreational team that is RIAS scheduled.  Please refer to your Team Manager Handbook for additional instructions.

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