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What happens if we have another suspension or cancellation? 

For our recreational members, we will offer a prorated refund. Amounts would differ depending upon the time of the season, how many weeks we were able to finish, etc.

Do you need prior experience to sign up for recreational soccer?

No skill level requirement at any age, i.e. we will have children of all levels participating on each team in our Recreational program. We have developed a system that provides both a fun and productive environment for players at all levels.

When is registration?

Registration for the fall season begins May 1st. Regular registration ends July 31st.  Beginning August 1st a late fee of $25 applies.
Registration for the spring season begins November 1st. Regular registration ends January 31st for the spring season.  Beginning February 1st a late fee of $25 applies. 

When will someone contact us after registration?

The club will begin contacting their teams one week prior to the first practice. If you have not heard from us before your team practice starts, please contact recreation director Tara Parrington at norcrossrec@unitedfa.org.

When does the season start?

The first game of the fall season is the weekend after Labor Day, and the first game of the spring season is the first week of March.

When do the teams start practicing?

Practices begin mid-August for the fall season and mid-February for the spring season. 

What age group will my player participate in?

Our registration system will automatically place your child in their appropriate age group based on the Georgia Soccer.

Age Group chart - Click here for the link.

Can I make a Special Request for team placement? 
Although we try to honor player requests received before July 31st for the fall season and January 31st for the spring season, we also strive for parity among the teams to maximize the enjoyment for all players involved.  Please note, all Special Requests will be considered, but are not guaranteed.

Can my player play up an age group?

Generally, players will play in their own age group, but occasionally players will want to play up an age group.   Any player wishing to play up to the next age group must first be assessed and approved by the Recreational Director by the assessment date at the latest.  If approved, the Recreational Director will then go into the registration database and move the player to the division they will be playing up to.

Can my player play down an age group?

No, per official rules and regulations, players are not allowed to play down in age groups, regardless of size, skill or handicaps.  Even if a doctor’s excuse is received requesting that the player play down an age group, we still would not be able to grant that request.

Are the teams coed?
Teams are coed for the  U6 divisions.  Beginning with U8 and up, the teams are gender specific. The only time that UFA will put together a coed team is if there are not enough participants in a specific age group, which happens occasionally in the U20 age group, but if the boys and girls do need to be placed together to form a team, all parents will be notified first and given the option to remove their player from the program.

What is the participation fee?
Mini League:  U4 $95 (T-shirt included) - practice  once a week

U6: $145.00 (uniforms included) - practice once a week

U8 - U19: $165.00 (uniforms included) - practice twice a week

What is included in the participation fee?
Soccer recreational league registration and insurance, referee fees, coaching education, league administration, at least (8) games for U6 -U19 age groups, and central professional training.

What equipment will my player need?

Each player should have:

  •  Shin guards
  • Age appropriate soccer ball - U5, U6, U7 and U8 divisions use a size 3 soccer ball. U10 & U12 use a size 4 soccer ball. U14, U16 and U20 use a size 5 soccer ball.  
  • Water and/or sports drink. 
  • Sunscreen is recommended for warm months.

What is the uniform process?
Our recreational uniforms are intended to be used for three seasonal year. Players will be required to purchase a new uniform every third year of the uniform cycle.  The uniform cycle begins Fall 2021.  Players may opt to purchase a new uniform as sizes are outgrown but will not be required until the next uniform cycle.

How do I get my uniform?

The uniforms are given to the coach and/or team manager prior to the first game and will be distributed at practice.  We recommend the coach and/or team manager line up the children and distribute the uniforms according to size, smallest to largest or vice versa.

What is included in the recreational uniform package?

The U6 & Up uniform includes a  two jersey, short and socks.  Each U4 Mini League participant is given a UFA Mini League t-shirt. 

Who will coach my player’s team?

Recreational coaches are parents that volunteer to coach a team, however we provide a professional trainer who will coach clinics for U6.  Each season volunteer parent coaches are in great demand.  Our intent is to provide as many players as possible the opportunity to play, therefore every season UFA has to search for additional people to coach because there are never enough coaches to cover all of the teams.  Prior coaching and/or soccer experience is not required...all you need to be able to coach is some organizational skills and a willingness to help.  We encourage our coaches to attend the coaching courses offered by Georgia Soccer.  Please click on the link below to view course:


Where will my player practice?

Practices will be held at Pinckneyville Park.  

What day and/or time will my player’s team practice?

Practice schedule will be posted 1 week prior to the season start. Schedules will be posted here.

Where will the soccer games be played?

U6 game will be at Pinckneyville Park.

U8 & Up home games at Pinckneyville Park and away games at other locations. Please note, the U8 – U19 age groups are scheduled inter-league between neighboring clubs, so please anticipate some traveling on the weekends for some games.

When will the soccer games be played?

Most games are on Saturdays. Saturday games start at 9:00 am and can be played as late as 6:30 pm.  Teams may have some games on Sundays with all Sunday games starting at 1:00 pm or later when scheduled at UFA.

When will the game schedule be available?

The full season game schedule should be available 1 weeks prior to the first game. 

How many games will the teams have?

All teams are guaranteed to have 8 games during the season. 

How do I check field status for games/practices?

  • Call the UFA field status hotline at 1(844)468-6832 ext 710 or
  • Check the UFA website and click on "Field Status."  This is updated daily by 4:00 p.m. and 7:30 a.m on game days.  Or
  • To sign up for UFA Norcross Email Alerts, please click here, enter your email address, then enter the validation code and you will be automatically subscribed.

What if I need a refund?

UFA has a no refund policy with the following being the ONLY exceptions:  the player becomes injured to the point that they are unable to participate for the remainder of the season and presents a doctor's note to the club.  In which case, the refund will be prorated.  The other exception is the season has begun and we are unable to place your child on a team.

What happens if my child is placed on the Waiting List?

The number of teams in each age group is determined by the number of registrants in said age group.  A waiting list occurs when we have enough registrants to fill the roster for each team in the age group.  Upon registration, if a player is placed on the waiting list, every attempt is made to place that player by forming new teams if at all possible.  The more players we have on the waiting list, the easier it is to form new teams.  If upon registration you see that your player will be placed on the waiting list, we encourage you to please proceed with your registration.

Does UFA offer financial assistance?

UFA Norcross is not offering Scholarship for rec program. 


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